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About Garber Farms

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The Garber Family has been growing grains and vegetables in South Louisiana since 1881. We presently have three generations working together to produce our elegant Creole Rose Aromatic Rice along with our internationally known Louisiana Yams. Our farm is located on a sandy ridge between Bayou Nezpique and Bayou Des Cannes in the heart of South Louisiana's Cajun Country.

Our farm consists of 5,000 acres of land with sweet potatoes, rice, soy beans and grain sorghum being grown in rotation. The rich soil in our location promotes the production of a smoother, cleaner and brighter skinned sweet potato superior in its eye appeal than those produced in other areas.

The Garber Family is involved in all aspects of the business. Michael Garber manages the farm crop production. Matthew Garber manages the storage, packaging & marketing of sweet potatoes and other crops. Wayne Garber deals with the day to day administrative management of the business. We're a family owned and family run business.

We have continued to reinvest in the business by modernizing and upgrading the storage and packing facilities. Our state-of-the-art equipment means our products are always shipped on-time and on-budget.

From everyone at Garber Farms - We look forward to serving you and hope you enjoy our products!


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