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Creole Rose Rice

Creole Rose is a 100% natural aromatic long grain rice. Its physical and aromatic qualities are derived from an Indian Basmati rice crossed with an American extra large long grain rice. A delicate popcorn like aroma combined with a pleasant nutty flavor makes it excitingly captivating. Creole Rose Aromatic Rice is grown by the Garber Family on a sandy ridge located between Bayou Nezpique and Bayou Des Cannes in the heart of south Louisiana's Cajun Country.

The gentle moist breezes from the Gulf of Mexico provide an ideal, natural environment for this elegant rice to grow and ripen. Traditionally, rice in Cajun Louisiana was always served with a roux gravy, and the gravy was seasoned to add flavor to the rice. Creole Rose Rice however, has its own rich-bodied flavor and aroma, making it a treat when eaten alone or with a little butter or margarine.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee you that each package of Creole Rose Rice will contain 100% Natural Aromatic long grain rice and that it will reach you in good condition. Our customers find many practical uses for our artistically designed screen printed, all cotton bags. While there are numerous We hope that you share your enjoyment of our Creole Rose Rice with your friends and relatives!

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